Shane Sterling Co. – “The Leadertape No. 01” (Featuring Sean Brown)

In the first installment of The Leadertape, we meet Sean Brown–owner of The Art of Reuse. From Toronto, Sean first began thrift shopping as a way to save money and it quickly escalated into him finding hidden gems all over his city. In this video from Shane Sterling, Sean explains why money isn’t necessary for fashion and how the search of clothing is more important.

The Leadertape comes from my passion for storytelling. Not of fantasy, or of mythology, but of reality and the truth of the moment. Painting a picture through the senses to bring forth a vivid connection to the people, places and things that inspire me. My medium has changed from pencil and pad, to paint and canvas to pixel and screen, but the motivation has always been the same; to capture the moment forever. The participants of ‘The Leadertape’ I believe to be leaders. Leaders of thought, art and culture. My path has crossed with these people at various points in our journey and I want to share with you their stories so that you to can cross paths with theirs.

Moving Pictures. Moving Personalities. The Leadertape.

Shane Sterling


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