Poll: Is Instagram 3.0 Safe?

Last week, Instagram unveiled it’s most recent update to plenty of harsh criticism due it’s “upgraded” features like Photo Maps and 3 vs. 4 column photo browsing. Even more scrutiny was hurled their way when it was revealed that private users’ photos could be viewed via any Android device causing some users to go as far as to delete their accounts. Social media consumers have always had concerns over the privacy of Facebook and now that Instagram is owned by Mark Zuckerberg and company, questions regarding safety are once again on people’s minds. Let’s say for example you’re a teenage girl using Instagram and upload a picture of you and your friends lounging at your backyard pool and decide to share this on Photo Maps. Now, if someone were clever enough they could potentially find out where you live–down to the exact address–and stalk you. This might seem a little over-dramatic but it’s possible. As much as John Dapper is a fan of Instagram, we’re still not sure if this latest feature is a good thing. What do you think?



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