Improve Your Text Ettiquette

Listen up men, I’m going to make this short and simple: improve your text etiquette. Please do not be lazy and abbreviate every other word in your text. Be a man and spell your words all the way out. It does not matter who you’re texting– friends or special ladies. Text like you have sense! Please don’t use “OMG”–this doesn’t sound very dapper. No man should ever respond to any text by just saying “K.” Write: “OK”–there’s a huge difference! Avoid “TTYL.” If you want to say talk to you later, then just say it. “See you later” or “goodbye” will also do just fine. Do not use “WYD” for “What You Doing?” Once again, just write in normal English. The only exception to this rule should be “LOL” for Laughing Out Loud. Women want a man that sounds like a man, even it’s just over a text message–remember that. Be a man and man up. Don’t be lazy. Oh yeah, no smiley faces 🙂

Nathan Allen 


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