Buying A Drink For A Woman

When you order her a drink, watch and make sure they use the good stuff on the top shelf,  not the cheap stuff they have on hand for well drinks. Sometimes, with a good sly of the  hand, the bartender can use the cheap stuff they have underneath the bar. The good stuff is what you see when you walk in and is lit up right behind the bartender. If you pay good money you will get what you pay for. Premium liquor is smoother and has a pleasant effect on the brain. The liquor used for the well drinks is so cheap that you can actually taste the difference. If you can’t tell the difference, then you don’t care about taste.

The presentation of the drink is also very important. If it looks refreshing and pretty, it will always make your lady friend happy. For example, if your lady asks for a Margarita, why not suggest a Cadillac Margarita (on the rocks) instead? Ask the bartender for clear premium top shelf tequila. A Cadillac Margarita should have a crystal clear glass with no lip stick stains, salt on the rim, loaded with ice to the top, and topped off with a  lime garnish. Don’t be afraid to send it back if it looks bad because you want to make an impression on your woman. Before you order a drink for a woman, know you drinks. Know what to suggest when she asks you or doesn’t know what to drink.

How should you drink in front of a woman?

One big rule to abide by is to never order a blended drink for yourself in public. Maybe in your home where no one will see, but never in public or in front of the lady you’re trying to impress. A blended drink is not a dapper drink. Do not order any kind of drink that looks pretty for yourself. If you’re not sure something is too girly, check the color of the drink and the fanciness of the glass it comes in.

If you really want to make an impression, tip your bartender. I’m not saying to give them $100 dollar bills, but tip them and tip them well. This is great advice if you want the bartender to remember your face when you come back for another rounde. Remember, the faster you get the drinks, the less time you spend at the bar and the more time you spend with your woman. A simple $5-10 tip will keep them coming your way.

Aaron Estrella 


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