Romantic Date On A Budget

Sometimes, us men want to give a woman a great time. The only problem: we don’t have money like Donald Trump, we have money like Joe Schmoe. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t give our dates a John Dapper time. Everything is in the presentation of things–it’s not about the money. There are many things a man can do without emptying his wallet that will make his date brag about to all her friends. Here are some great examples for dates on a budget. You can always add to these examples according to your situation,  but the idea is there.


A nice walk on a beautiful trail in the mountains or wilderness is a great first date. This is a great way to show how much of a man you are outdoors. The birds and the bees, the trees, and the river,  will all help relax the tension of a first date. Exercise also releases endorphins which help calm the body. Help your beautiful date relax so the date is about her. You can also bring your dog along to show her your soft side. This will also ensure your pup gets his daily exercise–two birds with one stone. Price tag for a date like this: $15. ($10 for sandwiches, $5 for parking)

Romantic Walk on the Beach:

A romantic walk on the beach is normally used as a joke but it is romantic, nice, and most importantly: cheap. It costs nothing to walk on the beach. Just add a bottle of wine, two glasses, and if you want: your dog. Your first walk together on the beach should be a romantic night under the stars and next to the roaring ocean. Don’t make it a long walk, just a simple brisk stop down by the water to enjoy your bottle of wine over a stimulating talk. The best time of year for this date is summer time. Total cost for this date is around $20 ($10 for bottle of wine, $5 for ice cream, $5 for parking)

Horse Races:

Take your beautiful date to see great looking horses at the race track. This is a place you can enjoy each others company with the added excitement of horse racing at one of the many beautiful tracks we have here in the US. Grab a beer for cheap and on some days even free. On certain weekends the track might have an event going on along with the horse races so it’s wise to check before going out. Bets are cheap, so make simple bets. You don’t have to know much about horse racing because the attendants there are more than happy to help you out. For a beginner, a $1-5 bet on the under dog can make you a big winner and it won’t make you a big loser. The bet will add to the excitement without adding to the budget if done conservatively. Price tag for date: $50 ($15 for entrance fee, $10 for bets, $20 for a couple beers, $5 for parking)

Dapper Advice: Don’t break the bank on a great date but do everything possible to make it great. Be prepared, be Dapper.

J. Navarro


2 responses to “Romantic Date On A Budget

  1. It all depends on the women. I don’t mind my hair consuming all the beach moist and air. A little adventure won’t hurt…However I will also do coffee and blanket. =)

  2. Great ideas… except for the beach. It’s a misconception. It’s cold and the beach air will have her hair a mess, not to mention that its illegal to be on the beach after hours and to have alcohol and glass. (sorry for that) Coffee/Tea dates are awesome. The beach is gorgeous… so, maybe with a blanket, in the morning with coffee? =)
    -the mind of a woman

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