Designing A Bachelor Pad

The modern dapper man has begun taking interest in learning how to set up his home to look more like a man’s and less like a college student’s. Creating a well-designed Bachelor Pad is easily done in one weekend. Make your pad a place you can bring friends, parents, and especially women to with pride. We’ll start with the bedroom–where all the magic happens. Here are the must-have’s for a bedroom where you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

  • Choose a Color Scheme: Designing your bedroom with a proper color scheme will help you when picking out your furniture. The first thing you should do is pick your main color with two adjacent colors. The main color should be used on walls and on furniture. Everything extra, like throw pillows and artwork can display the accent color throughout the bachelor pad. Choose light/neutral tones to make small spaces look larger, open, and welcoming. Pair light colors with rich earth-tones such as burnt orange or deep blue. Use dark colors to make a spacious bachelor pad look smaller and cozier.
  • Add Paint: Cover all holes up with drywall compound (see article below). Add primer paint so your color will stay. Use paint that has a light tone to make even the smallest bachelor pad seem larger. Apply an accent color to the frames of windows and moldings. The accent colors should also be used on picture frames and wall decor; use the wall with the most open space. Invite friends over for painting help in exchange for a game and beer.
  • Blank Canvas: Now that you have a freshly painted wall with nothing  on it, it’s time to start fresh. No more posters with staples holding it up. Put up nicely framed images. Choose black or chrome for a look that is simple to match. Add large abstract art prints on canvas. Make sure you measure your space before you buy your art work so it fits. Hang all artwork at eye level; do not hang pictures more than six inches above a bed. Add other wall accessories such as TV or mirrors for additional texture and surface design.
  • Furniture: Add sleek and modern furniture. Purchase furniture that adds storage. For example: CD’s and DVD’s are outdated,  so get rid of them. Dapper men use iPods, Pandora and Netflix. Create more space by placing the TV on the wall and hiding all wires inside the wall. Look for great furniture online for good deals. Lay a lap blanket over the side of an arm chair for comfort and additional decor. Place a men’s suit valet stand next to the bed to add sophistication while adding storage for wallet, money, watch, suit, jacket, shoes etc.

Dapper Tip: Ask a female friend for help when it comes to pillows and covers.

J. Navarro 


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