What Does LeBron’s Inbox Look Like?

It’s perplexing how such an amazing and talented athlete gets so much hate from the entire world just because he had a TV special and “turned his back” on a city. Even after winning multiple MVP awards and an NBA Championship, it seems like people can’t get enough of trash-talking LeBron James. The bottom line is that he’s arguably the greatest to ever step foot on the court–whether you like it or not! People always question his ethics and compare him to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant but forget that the latter two are no prime examples of morality. I won’t get into the details of Jordan’s and Kobe’s faults (unless you ask me to), but let’s just say that they’ve had their fair share of bad decisions that were a lot worse than hosting a TV special raising $2.5 million dollars for the Boys & Girls Club of America. But, I digress. Instead I would like to present a parody G-mail account of LeBron James that actually does a pretty good job at showing us how much drama encircles this man’s life. Take a look for yourself and be prepared to laugh.

Click to enlarge:

LeBron James


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