Rejjie Kush – “Still Chasing” (Featuring 2Cees)

Unlike New York, Chicago, or any other major metropolitan area, Los Angeles is an enormous conglomerate of multiple cities. Here in Southern California, we don’t have the luxury of having everything within walking distance and are forced to get out of neighborhoods every single day. This is a very positive thing because it allows us to find hidden treasures all throughout the southland in places you wouldn’t normally expect. Ever since John Dapper clothing has been sold at The Compound in Uptown Whittier, we’ve noticed that this little pocket of L.A. plays host to some of the most talented artists we’ve ever seen or heard. One of these artists is local rapper Rejjie Kush, who’s unique blend of conscious flow mixed with clever rhyming is slowly catapulting him to success. This Sunday we’ll be throwing a free event at The Compound and are proud to be presenting a live performance by Rejjie Kush for all our friends and fans to enjoy. Take a listen to the track “Still Chasing” featuring another local rapper on the rise that goes by the moniker 2Cees and be sure to join us this weekend.

The Compound


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