Essential iPhone Apps

If you have an iPhone, more than likely you have it loaded with a ton of apps. And if you’re like most people, half of those apps remained unused because they are useless. Sure, it might have sounded like a good idea to download every free app in iTunes, but now your phone’s precious memory is clogged and you don’t know what to do! Take my advice and delete everything you don’t use. You really only need 10 apps and I’m about to tell you what they are.

Simple, crisp, and most importantly: fun. Facebook does not take a genius to handle and it’s easier to use then the actual website. Facebook is great way to keep up with friends and family. This app destroyed the social networking competition and if you don’t have it your simply out of the loop. This is also great way to kill time when you are at dinner with the in laws or in boring sociology class. WARNING: The Facebook app can be very addicting. Don’t forget to LIKE

By far my favorite app ever! If you do not have Pandora you are truly missing out! Pandora is an app that provides you with free music. Not just any kind of music, but the music you like. Pandora radio allows you to create radio stations according to your taste. If you like Frank Sinatra, create yourself a Frank Sinatra radio station which will play Frank Sinatra tunes or music very similar to the Blue-Eyed Wonder. Like The Red Hot Chili Peppers? No Problem. Get ready to enjoy Californication, Under the Bridge, and Scar Tissue, all from the comfort of your phone. I personally have at least 20 different stations according to my musical taste.  There is no needs to change the radio station to find music I like, I create my own…for FREE. Download this app.

Yelp! is a great app that I love to use. This is an awesome app tthat lets you check out a place before you actually go. It’s great to check out clubs, restaurants, bars, and lounges prior to you going there. Just type in what and where you’re looking for,  and Yelp! will give you every listing in that area that fits your criteria. For example: “Bars, Los Angeles”will give you every bar in the Los Angeles area with a handy star-rating meter, reviews from people who have been there, and vital information such as: hours of operation, pricing, attire, ambience, noise level and music. Yelp! will also help you look very smooth and dapper when planning a date or social event.

Ever been in the bar and you hear a cool song that your’e dying to find out about? Simple. Boom. Shazam it. Just take out your cell phone, open your Shazam app and let it identify the song you want. In about 30 seconds, Shazam will provide you with the song title, artist, album, and the date you Shazamed it along with your location. No matter where you’re at,  let the Shazam app do the work.

Group. Coupon. Groupon. I enjoy it because it allows you to receive great discounts for various activities. I check my Groupon app every day because they update their Groupons constantly. You can receive huge discounts for numerous places across the world, such as: Las Vegas, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Europe, the list goes on. Anyone can receive discounts on home services, vacation packages, cosmetic surgeries, restaurants, and clothes. I have seen discounts up to 85% percent off. Great app to check out for the Dapper Man looking for a different type of date to impress the lady he wants to take out.

Need I say more? The great thing about this app is you can instantly stream movies straight to your phone. So if you’re in class, or at the airport, or in the back seat of the car on the way to Vegas, you can kill time by catching up on your TV shows. Popular shows like Nip/Tuck, The Walking Dead, and Storage Wars are all a tap away with your Netflix app.

Follow the people you truly admire. Friends, family, celebs, sports stars, or just random people that interest you. Always know what the people that interest you are thinking and expressing on Twitter. Follow us @JohnDapper2012.

If you’re big on sports and always on the move, download the ESPN Score Center app. This is a great way to stay updated on sports scores in professional and college sports. Only care aboutyour favorite teams? No problem. Set your Score Center to keep you updated only on the teams you care most about. Score Center notifies you at the beginning of every game, after every quarter, and after every game. Never miss out on what your team is doing.

What is Vevo? High Definition music videos of the most popular artists in the industry. We’re not in high school anymore. Grown men should not be at home watching music videos on 106 and Park or TRL This might have been cool back in the 90’s, but it’s not dapper anymore to receive a phone call from a girl and tell her you’re watching music videos. Who does that?! However, It is dapper to be on the move and need to entertain yourself for a couple minutes with a quick music video here and there in stunning crystal clear definition. Just don’t get caught watching a Justin Bieber video. That would be a little creepy. Actually a lot.

Let’s admit it: we’ere in tough economic times right now. That’s why every dapper man should have a banking app on their phone to keep up with their finances 24/7. Always know what your balance is and be able to transfer money without going to the bank. Truly convenient.

Nathan Allen 


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