CCS Presents: Capri Anderson Vs. The Santa Cruz Land Shark

In the latest commercial produced by skateboarding retailer CCS, they decided to utilize popular porn star Capri Anderson to sell some skateboards. Capri, who is also known as one of Charlie Sheen’s ex-godesses, is featured prominently in the video as she skates around Los Angeles on the all new Santa Cruz Land Shark. The skateboard in the commercial has an all new pink argyle colorway but the deck is actually available in an array of colors and graphics in the CCS shop. If you order the complete board from CCS they come fully loaded with Bullet Trucks and Rough Rider Wheels for an ultra-smooth and comfortable ride. Whether you want to cruise around Melrose like Capri or just skate around with friends, this Land Shark will get the job done. As someone who’s actually ridden one of these boards, I can attest to the fact that they are great cruisers and perfect for commuting. Check them out in the CCS store and pick one up if you want to skate around in style. In the meantime, here’s the video of Capri as she’s attacked by the predatory and highly aggressive Land Shark.



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