2013 Audi R8

For 2013, Audi has upgraded their popular R8 model with some subtle, yet significant changes. The least prominent of these new features is the body styling which, stylistically speaking, has aged extremely well in the car’s five-year history and didn’t need much of a boost. However, the one exterior component that was a necessity to upgrade was the headlamps. The 2013 R8 will now feature the highly popular LED headlights which have become a trademark for Audi and will also be included in the rear. On the mechanical side of things, Audi didn’t make any changes to the engine and decided to keep the V-8 and V-10 motors which will now get an added boost from an S-tronic transmission. According to Audi, this new tranny will drastically speed up the R8, making it 60 MPH faster than before. All-in-all, the Audi R8 is still a great sports car and although the 2013 model won’t noticeably be different to the casual car enthusiast, it might be a worthwhile investment to Audi fanatics.



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