John Dapper Presents: Rejjie Kush @ The Compound – July 29, 2012

As you’re all aware, this Sunday will be the first official John Dapper party and you are all invited to come hang out with us. We’re treating this as a “coming out” of sorts and we want to meet all our fans and make new friends. We’re going to have plenty of drinks, artwork, networking opportunities, females, clothing, and live music. Among our performers, we’re happy to present Rejjie Kush. Rejjie is a local underground hip-hop artist who is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Sure, some of his rhymes might be silly and he smokes a lot of marijuana, but this music is much more than “joke and weed rap.” Don’t believe me? Take a listen to a couple of songs below and pay attention to the lyrics. I think you’ll find that he’s actually pretty deep and has a nice flow compared to most “rappers” coming out nowadays. We hope you guys can make it out this Sunday and see Rejjie Kush in action! As a reminder, the event is 100% free and if you need to know more information, click here!

The Compound


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