From Dusk ‘Til Dawn With A Lamborghini Aventador

If you could pick any car in the entire world to have at your disposal for 48 hours, what would it be and why? Most likely you’re going to say a Lamborghini because you’ve fantasized about driving one ever since you were a little kid. Like most men, I too have had that dream and unfortunately have never experienced what it’s like to get behind the wheel of one of these beastly vehicles. The closest I’ve come is listening to the song “Mercy” on repeat in my Volkswagen while pretending I was in a Lambo. Luckily for guys like me, however, we have Car and Driver Magazine to tell us what it’s like. In this latest video for their series entitled “Abroad,” Jethro Bovingdon, Car and Driver’s European correspondent, takes the exotic supercar across the United Kingdom to see if the Aventador holds true to its supercar lineage. After watching this video, you’ll have no doubt in your mind as to what you would do if given the opportunity do drive a Lamborghini Aventador for 48 hours.

Car and Driver


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