American Apparel Buys Warriors Of Radness

In a somewhat unprecedented move, clothing manufacturer American Apparel has just purchased surf and lifestyle brand, Warriors of Radness for an undisclosed amount. What makes this move so bold is the fact that American Apparel was on the verge of bankruptcy less than a year ago and reportedly lost $39 million dollars in 2011. However, according to much speculation, American Apparel is actually seeking to expand and its empire is still worth roughly $600 million dollars–hence the acquisition. You might be wondering what would make Warriors of Radness such an appealing target for owner AA owner Dov Charney. Well, for starters, Warriors of Radness was created by Rick Klotz–the same gentleman who established the highly successful and influential surf brand, Freshjive. With Warriors of Radness, Klotz has taken inspiration for his clothing line from the beach and surf style of the 1980’s, when this type of fashion coming out of California was unique onto its own. With this merger between the two companies, we can expect a new line that merges beach and city culture together in L.A.

That’s right. We’ve sold our souls to the largest manufacturer of garments in the USA: My old friend Dov Charney and his American Apparel Company have adopted the the unruly West Coast bastard stepchild of California Style: Warriors of Radness. We now have the muscle of an almost 600 million dollar behemoth of garment manufacturing behind us. Eat you heart out.

American Apparel


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