Shop Local

With all the problems we’ve been having with the economy, shopping local is definitely the way to go. We all have local stores in our area that provide many benefits not only to us, but to the community as well. They have items that big supermarkets usually don’t carry and will never have: customer service, community involvement, and original ideas.

Customer service is important in all aspects of business but it’s especially important for the mom and pop shops because they live in the community. Have you ever been to a bar, store, or credit union and everybody knows you by your first name? Most of the big retail stores don’t. There is something special from the customer service you receive from smaller stores when compared to the big chains. Mom and pop shops depend on this customer service and survive against the big markets that have more money but less connection to the community.

Many of the local shops in your area are heavily involved in the community because the owners are your neighbors. They often hold events and even sponsor certain people. It’s much easier to go up to the owners of a small shop and ask for sponsorships when compared to asking the owner of a big retail chain. In all honesty, you’ll never be able to finagle your way through the corporate ladder to talk to the big boss. It’s better to reach out to your community because most of the money spent in these stores also stays local. In the case of the credit union, they give back profits in the form of lower rates and provide services intended to support community development.

Many of the smaller stores also allow smaller merchants to sell their products. This gives the consumer more local and original flavor when you compare the items to those sold in bigger stores. Many of those big chains sell the same products everyone else does so you’ll never be unique–this is especially true when referring to clothes. You’ll find yourself at school, on a date, or running errands with a lot of people wearing the same shirt. If you want a unique design, shopping local is the way to go. The quality of local brands is also better because bigger companies tend to outsource their labor to other countries, hence a reduction in the quality.

Be original and shop at your local stores. Find out all the benefits of purchasing your goods from your own community and feel great about creating jobs in your area. John Dapper is extremely proud to be available in two great local clothing stores that are not only independently-owned, but offer great merchandise at affordable prices. So the next time you’re in Whittier or Fullerton, be sure to check out The Compound and Programme Skate & Sound and tell them John Dapper sent you!

Frank Cooper


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