Attract Women With Your Scent

I’ll keep this short and simple guys: women associate scent with men’s attractiveness. It’s true. This scent doesn’t even have to be yours either. When women smell something good, they are instinctively attracted to it because it’s in their nature. This goes back to the caveman days!

Foul odors will always turn a woman off–especially when they associate that smell to your face. They’ll rate your appearance as less likeable even though scent has nothing to do with the way you look. Any bad smell, whether it’s yours or not, will hurt your chances with the females.

A good idea is to carry a small bottle of citrus spray with you and casually spray it in whatever room you’re in. The office, your bedroom, and even your car are all great places to keep smelling fresh. Don’t be the guy that always has a funky smell surrounding him.

When you’re with a lady, don’t take them to places that stink. Don’t take her for a walk through an alley lined with trash bins or for a tour of a manure plant. Instead, take her to the beach so she can smell the ocean or a candy store so she can enjoy all the wonderful aromas. By doing so, she’ll associate those pleasant smells to you.

If you’re going back to your place, make sure your home is clean and smells good. A simple trick is to place candles in each room of your home and light them whenever you’re in the room. This is a simple trick that will always make you smell good and be romantic at the same time.

Nothing is more of a turn-off to a woman than a stinky man. Clean your home, your car, and your body. Wear deodorant and go easy on the cologne because too much is even worse than none at all. The trick is to leave a scent and your face imprinted in her mind for days to come.

Frank Cooper


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