Protecting Your Skin From The Sun

With summer hitting the US with a one-two heat punch this year, it’s extremely important that we protect our skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. These rays can have a bad effect on your skin and even cause long-term damage if you’re not careful. Do yourself a favor and protect your skin with sunblock, lotions, anti-oxidants, and water.

The first line of defense is always going to be sunscreen. There are many levels of protection but the two most common are either SPF-15 or SPF-30. However, these numbers are not as important as the type of protection that is offered. Always check and make sure the sunscreen you’re using blocks both UVA and UVB–this is crucial.

For minimal outdoor activities like driving to work or walking to the store, SPF-15 will do the job. If you’re going to spend a large portion of the day outdoors, SPF-30 is the way to go. Apply the sunscreen about 30 minutes before you go outside, making sure cover every area that’s going to be exposed. Once you’re outside, reapply every 2-3 hours. With so many sunscreens available today, there is no excuse not to be protected.

Another useful tool against the sun is lotion. Applying lotion to your skin brings lubricants to your flesh that are needed for healing. Don’t worry about looking less like a man when you use lotion. Just be sure you’re using something that doesn’t smell fruity and you’re good to go.

Loading up on anti-oxidants like lycopene and phloretin is also a good idea. You’ll also want to take vitamins C and E to keep your skin strong in your attempt to ward off sun damage. If you’re not big on taking pills, you’ll can eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables for their vitamin content.

To combat the sun, water is also important. When the sun is beaming down on your skin it is literally sucking the fluids out of us. Being dehydrated is a horrible feeling and it’s even worse for your skin. If you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, don’t forget the giver of life: water. Stay thirsty my friends.

If you do all these things, your skin will look great and you won’t be in pain after taking a nice trip to the beach. Enjoy your John Dapper Life.

Joey Woods


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