Dry Cleaners Vs. Washing Machines

A lot of men wear clothes for too long, throw them in the washer, and put them on again. But not all clothes are made for the washer. If you spent a pretty penny on some particular pieces of clothing, I recommend you take them to the dry cleaners because washing and drying your clothes can take a toll on the material. They can easily make your clothes shrink and fade faster than if you get them dry cleaned.

Clothes like underwear, socks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and old jeans are made for your washer and your dryer. Nice items like slacks, fitted jeans, dress shirts, collared shirts, and jackets should be left for the dry cleaner. When guys takes their clothes to the dry cleaner, they gain so much more than just a wash and dry. They not only clean your clothes, but they also iron them for you so you’re always ready for a special occasion. Your clothes will literally look brand new, as if it was the first time you wore them.

When we wash our clothes, people can tell. Our clothes do not look vivid anymore–they look dull and lifeless. I take my best clothes to the dry cleaner because I want to look dapper at my special occasions. I always want the crease in my pants and my shirts starched. Also, it is very important to find a good dry cleaner. Good dry cleaners will always ask what your preferences are–bad ones will not. I want my favorite clothing articles to last so I keep them in the cleaners often. You can always tell who takes pride in their clothes and who doesn’t. Please don’t be the un-dapper guy with the outfit that came straight from the washer on a first date. Dress to impress and stay dapper.

Nathan AllenĀ 


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