Creating Your Own Style

Every man should know what it takes to set himself apart from the pack and how to demonstrate style. You want to attract eyes that want to look, but only when you’re not looking. The only way you can create a style that makes you comfortable to share with the world is to wear what is you.

Whether you work in the professional arena, repair cars, or wear scrubs to provide for your next patients check up–you should always wear what makes you comfortable.

Here are five great tips to help you create your own style:

  1. Never duplicate a style that is not you.
  2. Always wear attire that fits.
  3. Keep your clothes neat and in place.
  4. Know when to get rid of clothes.
  5. Ask someone if your look is really a style; or something that you are perhaps getting away with.

Following the steps above will allow you to tap into your creative style, and even receive feedback from those you trust most. Of course there are more than 5 steps to being who you are, but please remember to take the steps with an approach that allows that set of eyes to spot your style, and guess what? Your style may become the next person’s.

Fritzic V. Allen, Jr. 


2 responses to “Creating Your Own Style

  1. I agree with all 5 tips. Johnny Depp is a great example. He has his own style, very
    unique and dapper. This man is dam sexy.

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