Dallas Kacey – “Til Its Gone”

Last night, The John Dapper Crew had the honor of being special guests on Homegrown Radio alongside members of Gee’Rage Music. We had no idea who these guys were before we met them and we’re glad we did because their music is on point. Gee’Rage is a collective of Samoan musicians based out of Carson, CA and are putting out some great underground hip-hop and R&B that is set to blow up any minute now. Take a look at a video from one of their youngest members, Dallas Kacey, and witness the true potential of these guys. Also, head on over to geeragemusic.com and sign up for their mailing list so you can get new music from these guys every Tuesday.

Gee’Rage Music


2 responses to “Dallas Kacey – “Til Its Gone”

  1. Great linking up with yall at Homegrown Radio last night. Thanks for showin love to our #GRMS team and we will be sportin your gear real soon. Fresh to ashes….Gee’Rage Music

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