Samsung Smart Window

Samsung has a nifty looking device that will be hitting the markets very soon called the “Smart Window.” Samsung, being one of the leaders of the technology world, has always impressed us with their gadgets and the Smart Window looks like it’s going to do the same.

Imagine a giant tablet the size of a flat-screen television and you have the Smart Window. This device reminds me of a TV and is actually rumored to have cable and satellite connections–something that no tablet is capable of.

The reason this gizmo is called the Smart Window is because you can completely see through it and it is actually a window. When it’s turned on, you get to see what’s on the actual device. The crazy thing about this is that it’s actually a one-way window. Nobody on the opposite side will be able to see what’s on your screen, thus enabling complete privacy on your end.

With the Smart Window you can do many things like run widgets, download apps, view photos, surf the web, and watch videos. There is even an option to make your Smart Window look like an actual window with blinds that you can open and close with the swipe of a finger. Oh, and did I mention it’s rumored to be capable of being solar powered?

Don’t look at this as a concept–it’s real. The Samsung Smart Window will be coming out soon within the next few months and everyone will be wanting to get their hands on one. The price of this device is still undetermined but I imagine it will cost a pretty penny due it winning the CES 2012 Innovation Award.

The bottom line is this gadget is extremely dapper and will change the way your home and entertainment systems work. Also, business will be changed forever as more people turn to the Smart Window to deliver presentations or hold meetings. The Smart Window seems to be a truly resourceful piece of technology and you can be certain that I’ll be getting my hands on one.

There is not timetable as to to when the Smart Window will be available but look for it to be released around Christmas time.

Nathan Allen


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