Thom Browne – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Thom Browne thought of an interesting way to showcase his upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 collection by having his models file out of a double decker bus and onto the busy streets of London. Known for always turning his presentations into some sort of extravaganza, Mr. Browne did a great job in pleasing the unsuspecting onlookers–even serenading them with some lively music as he passed out cupcakes. The collection itself is very dapper as you can see from the pictures. The models all wore matching grey and white striped seersucker suits with matching ties and a button-down white oxford. To compliment their attire, the men accessorized with white pocket squares and silver tie clips. The only one who wasn’t modeling the new collection was Mr. Browne himself who showed up wearing some lively grey glen plaid. Although the pants might be a little too “high-water” for many tastes, there is no denying that these suits look great. More information about the event can be found courtesy of oki-ni.

Thom Browne


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