Apple No Longer Claims Immunity to Viruses

Here at John Dapper HQ, we are avid Apple users. We don’t mind spending the extra bucks for our machines because we think they are much better than PC’s and quite frankly, we don’t want to deal with all the problems that come along with owning a Windows-based system. For years we were told by Apple that “Mac’s don’t get viruses” and we believed them. In the dozen or so years that I personally have owned a Mac, I’ve never come across a virus or had any sort of issue with my computers. However, Apple is now changing their tune when it comes to Macintosh computing and viruses. On Apples “Why Buy Mac” page, their used to be a banner that read a Mac “doesn’t get PC viruses.” Now, that banner simply reads that Macs are “built to be safe.” When asked about the change to their website, Apple clarified their statement by saying: “Mac computers aren’t in fact immune to malware.”

Does this change your opinion on Apple computers?



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