Desillusion Magazine – “This Is Ozzie”

Born and raised in a family that he himself calls “a bunch of hippies,” Ozzie grew up on the beaches of northern Sydney–known today to be amongst the most competitive in the world. These are the same beaches that gave birth to world champions such as Tom Caroll and Nat Young. Ozzie quickly decided to choose a different path than the one that led to competitions. Inspired by the skate and punk scene, he was the first person to bring humor and DIY philosophy to the surf scene. From the paintings on his boards, the shape, his special way of surfing (a melange of strength and airs,normally done in skateboarding), to the creation of his punk rock band Goon of Doom, Ozzie’s the man who gave new insight to surfing–a fresh perspective that inspired a whole generation of surfers. “This is Ozzie” is a portrait of one of the most intriguing personalities that surfing has ever seen. With interview footage that’s never been seen before, Wright shares his fear, his love and his original lifestyle–a pure ode to the core of surf spirit.

Desillusion Magazine


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