Congratulations To LeBron James!

A lot of people hate on LeBron James but he is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. Yes, even better than Jordan, even better than Kobe. Why? Because he makes those around him better. He took a horrible team to the playoffs on several occasions when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers and he took a great team to the Finals two years in a row with the Miami Heat. Those that complain about “The Decision” or argue that he’s a choker need to realize that this guy has gone through a lot of ups and downs in his life and deserves everything he’s accomplished. How many kids grow up without a father figure and end up dead or in jail? A lot, but not LeBron. How many people blow all their money when they become millionaires as 18-year-olds? A lot, but not LeBron. My point is, all the LeBron bashing has basically fueled this guy to win a championship and we consider him a true John Dapper Man. Congratulations LeBron! Put that ring on your middle finger and show it off to all the haters.

Lebron James


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