XBOX 720 – Rumored Price

According to an unconfirmed 56-page document printed on Microsoft letterhead, the new XBOX system will retail for $299 in a package deal with Kinect V2. In the same document, the new console is constantly referred to at the “720” and appears to come equipped with blu-ray technology as well as built-in tablet integration. Other notable upgrades include an improved Kinect sensor that will increase the device’s range for four-player connectivity, cloud-streaming, and an all-new display with code name: “Fortaleza.” Of course, these are just rumors and Microsoft is refusing to comment. But, if they’re true, would you be willing to spend the $299 for the new system?


2 responses to “XBOX 720 – Rumored Price

  1. $299.00 for a new x-box that would be less than 10 cents an hour for outstanding gaming over its lifetime. The answer is obvious, any serious gamer would pay double. Yes.

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