Under Our Feet: Ryan Sheckler

GoPro has teamed up with Etnies for a new series called Under Our Feet. Every Monday they will release a new video of a skateboarder doing tricks with a GoPro camera strapped underneath the board. If you can accurately guess the tricks being performed, you’ll win a great prize pack. The first skater to be featured is none other than Ryan Sheckler–one of the greatest ever! If you can successfully name each trick in his line, you’ll win a GoPro HD HERO2 camera, waterproof housing and assorted mounting hardware, a limited edition Ryan Sheckler Plan B deck, and a new pair of Etnies RCT.

Step 1. Watch Ryan’s edit here.
Step 2. Name each trick in his line.
Step 3. LIKE etnies on Facebook. (and John Dapper while you’re at it)
Step 4. Submit your entry form and
Step 5. Check the etnies Facebook on Friday when they’ll announce the winner!

Good luck… This one’s a doozy.



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