MacBook Pro With Retina Display

Starting today, you’ll now be able to purchase 15″ MacBook Pro’s featuring retina display. The new display measures 15.4-inches (diagonally), is LED-backlit, and has IPS technology. The 2880×1800 resolution at 220 pixels per inch supports millions of colors and will take your computing to a whole new level. The new MacBook has also dumped the traditional hard drive for the much more reliable (and way faster) Solid State Drive. It will also come equipped with USB 3.0, a micro-SD slot, and the all new MagSafe 2. Apple chose to only release these in 15″ versions as the 13″ MacBook has essentially remained unchanged. This leads to further speculation that Apple will eventually merge the 13″ model into a MacBook Air version, thus making the 15″ MacBook Pro the standard laptop computer. Prices for the new MacBook Pro with retina display start at $2199.


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