Stay Dapper With Socks

A very important part of every man’s wardrobe is his socks. Socks can play a huge part in your outfit and give you that extra “look at me” factor. The question is: is your sock game up to par? If you don’t have a wide variety of socks in your wardrobe you need to fix this problem ASAP. Let John Dapper give you some advice on how to step your sock game up!

First of all, every man should have a wide selection of socks for different activities. The socks should range in types, styles, and colors. You should have about a dozen basic 100% cotton socks in both white and black. You should also have at least 7 pairs of dress socks–one for each day of the week. If you really want to step your sock game up, however, you’ll need at least a dozen dress socks that cover all the basic colors and about another dozen pairs that feature a distinct pattern. By having so many socks, you’ll be confident that you’ll always have a dapper pair to wear no matter what your outfit looks like.

Your cotton socks are going to be worn everyday at the gym, grocery store, school, or for anything else that requires you to wear sneakers. Your dress socks should only be used for dress shoes–no exceptions. Believe it or not, there are a lot of men that don’t know how to wear socks. Don’t be the guy that wears cotton socks with dress shoes or the guy that wears dress socks to the gym–this is not dapper.

Rules, of course, can always be broken when it comes to style. But you should at least try to match your socks to your pants. It’s not fashionable to wear black slacks, black shoes, and white socks. The only person in history to successfully pull this look off was Michael Jackson and you’re not him, so don’t try it. Your socks don’t need to be the same color as your pants, but they should match and stand out at the same time when your pant leg rises up.

Over time, your socks will become dingy and acquire holes–even good pairs. Don’t save these because you paid top dollar for them. Just throw them away and get some new ones. Socks aren’t that expensive when you consider the abuse they go through. You can always get cheap cotton socks at stores like Target and Wal-Mart for about $1.00 a pair. Dress socks are constantly on sale at stores like Gap and Express for about $20 a pair. The point is that you can practically go anywhere and get some good socks for cheap, so don’t wear socks with holes in them–especially if you plan on taking your shoes off in front of a woman.

For some reason, a nice fresh pair of socks always make your feet feel better. This is a good thing because women will notice your feet before they notice any other part of your body. Give her something to remember you by when you flash a little bit of sock at her and get a confidence boost by knowing your sock game is on point.

Nathan Allen


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