How To Keep Your White Dress Shirt Clean

When you wear a white dress shirt, you want to wear it with pride and you want to look extremely dapper in doing so. You’ll need to know how to wear it and how to clean it before you put it on. Wearing a white dress shirt can be difficult because it will pick up every stain and dirt particle it possibly can. So, how do you keep these shirts looking dapper? Let me explain.

The best thing you could possibly do is own multiple white dress shirts. You don’t need a closet full of them, but having more than one will always come in handy. You should always have at least one clean white shirt at your disposal for whatever situation is called for. I also recommend that you take your white dress shirt to the dry cleaners the day after you wear it.  All your dress shirts should be dry cleaned, but your white shirts need to be taken in ASAP in order for the stains not to settle into the fabric. And don’t avoid the dry cleaners in order to save money. If you put a dress shirt in the washing machine I can guarantee you will ruin it.

With a white dress shirt, you’re going to notice a lot more stains that you wouldn’t normally see in a colored shirt. Ring around the collar and armpit stains are clearly visible and if you decide to wear the shirt without having it professionally cleaned, people will notice these disgusting stains. The white dress shirt is the best shirt in your closet and you need to treat it as such. So, when you wear it, throw on an undershirt to absorb all your sweat and drop it off at the dry cleaners the next morning.

The reason I recommend you have at least three white dress shirts is so you can have one ready to go when your other one is at the cleaners. The white dress shirt can be mixed and matched with practically anything so you should take advantage of this and wear one occasionally. There are various different price ranges for dress shirts so don’t buy three of the most expensive ones you find. You should have one expensive shirt for fancy occasions and a couple of  “cheap” shirts for everyday use with simpler outfits.

Nathan Allen

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