Interview With Sequan Canady

Sequan Canady wearing the John Dapper “Palm Trees” t-shirt. Available at our online shop:

Nathan Allen: Ok Sequan, I’ve been looking forward to this interview so let’s get this ball rolling…

Sequan Canady: No doubt.

Nathan: Where are you from?

Sequan: I am From New Britain, Connecticut.

Nathan: What made you leave there and come here?

Sequan: I left Connecticut for Los Angeles in August of 2005 so I could pursue my dream of a career in the film industry. There comes a point in your life when you have to ask yourself “What am I going to do?” To answer that question, I asked myself “What do I love?” and the answer was film. At that point the mission became clear to me.

Nathan: What is your inspiration and motivation?

Sequan: People motivate me. When someone reads a script of mine or sees some of my work and enjoys it, the feeling is incredible. It makes me want to please them more. Being a workhorse for people means everything to me.

Nathan: Who would you like to work with most?

Sequan: I would love to do a film with Jeffrey Wright, who I believe is the greatest African-American actor of our time. They say you should never meet your idols though, so I’m not sure if working with him would ruin my image of him. (laughs)

Nathan: That can be true..What is your favorite movie?

Sequan: I actually don’t have a favorite movie. There are so many great films out there that speak to me in different ways, at different times.

Nathan: What projects are you working on right now?

Sequan: I am currently writing a television series called “Pinnacle Heights” with hopes that a network will pick it up next year. Also, my film company will be producing our first feature film which we intend to shoot later this year. We have a few other projects ready to go and are always seeking interested investors.

Nathan: What kind of movies do you like creating?

Sequan: One of our mottos at Iconoclast Films is to “make films that feel like true stories.” I have never really been into sci-fi or action. Nothing against those genres, because they do serve a purpose and people love that stuff, but the films that spoke to me the most were movies that had great stories and had a human element to them. I strive to write films that speak to the human emotion.

Nathan: Will you let your characters wear John Dapper clothes in your movies?

Sequan: (laughs) Of course I will. I am a fan of John Dapper clothing and would love to have a few characters look dapper in my films. It would be an honor for me.

Nathan: Tell us what you like about John Dapper?

Sequan: Besides the clothes, I like the mentality behind it. Neatness, sharpness, attention to detail, togetherness, these are all things I can subscribe to. Especially doing what I do in film. All of these things matter.

Nathan: Can you see yourself directing future John Dapper commercials? (laughs)

Sequan: I can see it! Why not?

Nathan: Just make it dapper! Tell us about your company? Where did you get your company name from?

Sequan: My Company is an independent film company looking to bring real, raw films to the big screen. My partners are Marcus K. White and Cynthia Alvarez and without them, I would not be doing this interview right now. Our team is strong and dedicated and we are committed to making solid films. The title of the company is Iconoclast Films because an Iconoclast destroys a certain set image of something. Our goal is to destroy the image of what a Hollywood film has to be. Nothing against special effects, CGI, explosions etc…We may use those things eventually, but the root of any good film is the story. If you strip any film to its core, how does the story stand up? We want to be able to tell incredible stories without certain big budget assets that serve to help the overall film. We want our stories to stand alone.

Nathan: I also hear you are a part of a music group. What is their name and what are they about?

Sequan: Yes sir, I formed a band called Grounded Phoenix. I do not play an instrument in the band nor do I sing. My role is writing and composing the music. Everyone involved is supremely talented and a joy to be around. The band is led by singer Darien Moses, who is simply amazing vocally and more importantly a great person. We do a very eclectic range of music that we hope the world will get to hear

Nathan: How did this project come about?

Sequan: I’ve always had an affinity for music, I just never acted on it until about a year ago. Some friends of mine did a little music and knew some musicians so we decided to get together and see what happened. It was difficult due to everyone’s schedule and priorities so that didn’t really work out, but I kept writing songs and slowly but surely the pieces began to come together.

Nathan: How did you guys meet and where can we find your music in the future?

Sequan: This sounds crazy, but all of the band members except for our piano player Tom Ivory was found through Craigslist ads I put out (laughs). It has been an incredible experience thus far, I consider myself blessed that it has worked out this well. Chet Johnson is on the bass and Tom Ivory is on the keys. Ramon Michel is helping us on drums at the moment and Marat our guitar player is sadly leaving
the group to work in his home state of New York.

Nathan: I heard your stuff and I like what I hear. Anything else you would like to say?

Sequan: Hopefully you can hear us at a local venue near you soon, but in the meantime you can check out our YouTube channel.

Nathan: Everyone needs to be on the lookout for you. Stay Dapper.

For more information on Sequan, visit his website at You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


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