Every John Dapper T-Shirt Has A Story

We want to bring you everything that is dapper and what we are bringing to you now is the John Dapper t-shirt collection.

Here at John Dapper, we have spent countless hours designing the most dapper-looking t-shirts for you to wear. We know summer is around the corner and we want you to live dapper in style with our shirts.

Dapper doesn’t only apply to suits, ties, and dress shoes. Being dapper is how you present yourself–it’s a state of mind. John Dapper is every man. He is the business man, the skater, the DJ, the father, the son, the surfer, the bar-hopper, everyone!

Our shirt lineup is catered to you and your dapper lifestyle. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you go, or what you do–we want you to look good doing it.

When you wear a John Dapper t-shirt you are making a statement. You’re letting the world know that you’re a dapper man, a John Dapper man.

Beach Bear:

Inspired by the state of California and the state flag, this tee features the Cali Bear walking along one of the many endless beaches of it’s home state. Grab your surfboard when you wear this one and let people know where you’re from.

Cali Crowned:

Inspired by the men who started John Dapper, this shirt pays homage to the love of our home state. Only in Cali will you see beautiful palm trees nestled in the urban landscape that is home to some of the world’s greatest graffiti artists.

Palm Trees:

When you think of California, you think of celebrities, gorgeous women, and palm trees. This shirt prominently features the trees and makes you look so good that the gorgeous women will think you’re a celebrity!

Monogram V-Neck:

If you’re looking for something with a bit of class, this shirt is for you. A v-neck is a great shirt to have because you can dress it up or down. Next time you have to dress up and don’t want to wear a dress shirt, grab this tee.

Sea of Trees:

Here in California, we have the ocean to our left and a sea of trees to our right. This is the perfect tee to wear at the beach or on the streets and represents everything in between L.A. and The Bay.

Dapper Assassin:

The Dapper Assassin is our most popular shirt and for good reason: it just looks cool. You’ll see this shirt at many skate parks being worn by some of the best skaters out there. Get yours before they sell out!

Made in USA:

John Dapper is proud to be American-made and we want to let the world know about it. Wear this shirt on the 4th of July and make a statement. This is American Dapperness at it’s finest.


The Romans fought under the banner of SPQR and John Dapper fights for America. This shirt pays tribute to all the soldiers out there that are fighting the good fight.

John Dapper will continue to expand our clothing line and our goal is to make apparel that not only looks good, but inspires you to live a dapper life.

All shirts are available at shop.johndapper.com

Nathan Allen


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