How To Behave In A Restaurant Or Bar

Whether you go out to expensive places or not, there is only one way to act: DAPPER. As a man you should know how to behave properly and act in certain situations. If you don’t know how to do this, let John Dapper give you some pointers.

The first thing you should know is that it doesn’t matter who you’re going out with. A date, your buddies, family, or co-workers all require that you be on your most dapper behavior. Don’t be that guy who isn’t well-mannered in public because you’re better than that. I’ve seen plenty of men who act like complete fools in restaurants and bars and end up embarrassing not only themselves, but their company as well. Remember that you represent the people you are with so act accordingly. Avoid being the guy people don’t want to be seen with.

When going out to eat or for a couple of drinks, try to keep in mind that you’re not going to a club or a party–even if you are. Pretend like you’re at someone’s house who you’re trying to impress. Also, there is no reason whatsoever for you to be the center of attention at all times, even if the reason for the gathering is you. Whoever you’re speaking to, use a well-mannered tone of voice. Don’t be the guy that screams for attention and has the entire room listening in to his conversation. I’ve actually seen a bar manager tell a man to lower his voice because he was disturbing the clientele. How awkward and embarrassing do you think that was to him and his friends? Not dapper.

If you’re on a date, avoid picking up phone calls unless it’s an absolute emergency. Also, don’t text in front of your date if you want to have an actual relationship with this person. Your date should have your undivided attention at all times–regardless of who they are or who asked who. Keep your phone in your pocket and give your companion the attention they deserve. Remember, nobody wants to hear your phone conversation and texting in front of a person that’s talking to you is just plain rude.

When it comes to your server, bartender, waiter, or waitress, also be very respectful. Be patient and understand that they are working more than one table at a time. Try your very best to ask for everything you need the first time and make their job easier. Don’t ask for ketchup, then ranch, then a refill, then for an extra spoon. Ask for everything at once and if you forgot anything say, “I’m sorry, but I forgot to ask for…” The person who is serving you will recognize your kindness and do a better job for you if you treat them with respect.

When at the table, eat with your mouth closed because nobody want to see you chew. Keep your elbows off the table and remember you are sharing table space. Don’t pick at anyones plate and don’t make unwanted noises like burping or farting. You must also use your silverware because that’s what it’s for. Don’t eat with your hands and try not to break your neck checking out every good-looking girl who walks by.

Last but not least, know your limitations. Don’t gorge yourself with food as if it’s your last meal–it’s not. Eat small portions and enjoy what you’re doing. Savor the food and relax. When it comes to drinking, don’t over do it. It’s not dapper to be the guy that gets drunk every time he goes out with friends. Be responsible and enjoy your drinks the same way you do your food: nice and slow.

Nathan Allen


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