Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year to dedicate to your mother. Now, I understand that all of us truly love our mother the other 364 days of the year, but this is the day that your mother looks forward to. This is the day that she cherishes forever so let’s talk about some dapper gift ideas that will be worth remembering.

Let’s get one thing out the way: flowers. Flowers are always a great gift for your mother and you should get these for her each and every year. Even though every guy in the world will get their mother flowers on Mother’s Day, it is OK for you to do the same. Flowers make “YOUR” mother feel special that “HER” son took the time out of his busy schedule for her. Don’t feel bad if you’re just getting her flowers, she’ll love them. If you don’t want to go the flower route you can always try Edible Arrangements.

Try your very best to avoid any restaurants the day before or the day after Mother’s Day because everywhere you go will be packed! Everyone thinks, “Hey let’s take mom out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.” Not only is this idea not original, it’s a bad one. You will be waiting forever just to be seated and by the time you actually get your food you’ll be so frustrated with the wait that you won’t enjoy your meal.

A dapper thing to do is to cook a meal for your mother. Avoid all the lines and chaos with a simple meal that you cooked yourself. This will go a very long way and your mom will appreciate it. Throw on some relaxing music and rent a movie to make this the best Mother’s Day ever. Cooking a meal isn’t only thoughtful, it’s also very easy on your wallet. Check out our Food/Drink section for some great recipes.

If you would like to get out the house and do something fun, you need to keep it simple. A nice day at the beach, park, or lake will be very nice and relaxing. Bring some drinks (not those kind of drinks) and some sandwiches and be ready to spend the whole day with your mother. Remember, this is her dedicated day. If you can’t spend an entire day with her, a nice stroll through a museum or an aquarium is also very dapper. Just be sure that wherever you go, it’s relaxing and fun.

Perhaps the hardest thing to do for Mother’s Day is getting a present. You want to get your mom something thoughtful, not a small appliance or gift card. Think of something unique for your mom, something that she will use every day. The present doesn’t need to be expensive, just put some thought into it and I’m sure you can find something special.

If you need some help picking out a present, John Dapper has you covered. Here are some great gift ideas:

My Mom- Her Story, Her Words: This little book is an interview journal that will help you get to know your mom better than ever. This is a great gift for your mom to recount her life in her words and you’ll enjoy reading about her life story. Many questions in the book will help your mother remember timeless memories in her life. This one little book will be in your family for generations.

Personalized Photo Collage Frame: This picture frame can be placed anywhere in her home and she’ll enjoy showing it off to her friends. Create your own frame and place all your favorite family pictures in it. Your mother will truly appreciate this picture frame forever.

Handprint Canvas Kit: Place your hand, your mother’s hand, or the whole families hands in this canvas kit and place it on the wall for an original piece of artwork that you and her created. Very original and thoughtful.

Personalized Wooden Photo Plaque: Engrave a picture frame with laser precision into a piece of wood and impress your mom with something that she’s never seen before. This gift is very original and your mom will be thrilled to display it in her home.

Kodak PlayFull HD Video Camera: This camera has a slim and chic design. Give your mom a dapper gift to let her record and take pictures anywhere she goes with this ultra-small HD camera. Not only is it a nice gift, it’s also very simple to use and travel with.

Nathan Allen


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