The Art Of Cutting Your Cigar

Before you light up your cigar, you’ll need to cut it. And like many things in this world, you’ll need the proper tools to get this job done right. There are also several ways you can cut your cigar and each requires a different set of tools. Let’s go over some of the different methods and discuss which tools you’ll need to properly cut your cigar.

The double-guillontine cutter is the most used method when cutting a cigar, but before you use it we need to analyze the cigar and know exactly where to cut.

Every cigar has a head and foot. When cutting, you will focus on the head. If you look closely at your cigar, the head has a line that circles around the entire stick. Once you find it, you’ll want to cut about 4-5 mm under this line towards the foot of the cigar. You have to be very careful when you do this so you don’t screw it up. One false move and the cigar is un-smokeable.

Once you determine where the head is, place the cutter between your thumb and fore-finger using your stronger hand. Next, place the cigar into the cutter. At this point, it will be wise close one eye and make sure the cigar lines up correctly.

When everything is lined up, you are ready to cut. Just make sure that you hold the stick tight and cut in one fluent motion. Most people tend to choke like the 95 Knicks when it comes to cutting a cigar but you need to act like Reggie and put a dagger in the heart of that cut.

Even though the double-guillotine method is the most popular, my favorite way to cut a cigar is by using the punch method. I must warn you, however, this method should only be used on heads that are round.

Your punch will usually have a round blade that will push into the cap of the head. Once you are in, you want to rotate the blade fully so it cuts trough the cap. Next you will remove the blade and a small portion of the cap should be attached at the end of the blade. If you look at the head the cigar, you should see a neat and even cut of the stick.

The punch method is really easy and I find it makes my cigars more enjoyable. But if you’re the type of guy that wants people to notice when you’re smoking, there is nothing that gets more attention than the biting method.

Biting is as old-school as it gets. Most people don’t practice this method but if you are like my grandfather in Cuba, you are biting like the mosquitos on a hot Summer night.

I have heard of many people being ridiculed for using this method, but who cares? It’s your cigar and you should do whatever you want with it!

When biting, think of your teeth as a guillotine. Gently bite down on the cigar a few times and rotate the cigar. After you have bitten and rotated the stick, you will have accomplished two things: the cap will be completely off and you will have a cigar butt in your mouth. Spit it out, quick!

If you choose to go the biting route, congrats. Just don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Fernando Borroto


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