What To Wear On A First Date

A lot of things must be prepared for on a first date, important things like: where to go, what to do, and of course–what to wear.

Wearing a dapper outfit is essential for receiving date number 2. If you do not want to look dapper on your first date or have no shot at receiving date number 2, I suggest you stop reading here. If you would like to learn more, then let’s continue.

When you go on a first date, you want to make a lasting impression in your date’s mind. As soon as your date sees you for the first time, you want her to admire the way that you are dressed and remember that look forever. Basically, you want her to think you’re the most attractive man in that room.

More than likely, she spent hours upon hours trying to look good for you. You should do the same and spend some time putting together a dapper outfit. This is not only respectful, it’s also not that hard. Your goal should be to not look like a slob on your first date with any woman.

One thing to always remember is that it is always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. Why? Because you don’t want to be the guy in the room wearing shorts and flip-flops when everyone else is wearing a suit and tie. You do, however, want to be that man who looks more dapper than everyone else in the room.

Another thing that you must remember is that you need to dress differently for certain dates. Different dates call for different attire.

For example, if you are going to a lounge, you can never go wrong with an outfit that consists of a nice button-down shirt, a blazer, fitted jeans, and some fancy dress shoes. You can even make this outfit more casual and still look great by wearing a nice v-neck coupled with some sleek boat shoes.

If you are going to the beach, throw on some nice cargo shorts with a t-shirt that calls for the occasion. Know where you are going and dress accordingly.

The last and probably most important thing you must do is to dress with confidence. Know that you look good when you put on your outfit. When you dress good, you feel good and your dapper swag is in full effect. When you have tons of confidence your date will notice and women love men with confidence.

When you go on that first date, you want to look good and make your date feel good too. You represent who she is because she is being seen with you. It’s your responsibility to always try to make her feel better about her looks. She does not want to be on date with a tacky guy–she wants to be on a date with a dapper guy.

Make an impression that will last and always dress to the occasion. A dapper man makes the dapper outfit; the dapper outfit doesn’t make the dapper man.

Nathan Allen


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