Should The US Go To War With Iran?

All we hear in the news these days is how Israel and Iran might go to war. Since Israel is considered a close ally of the US, this means the US might be close to entering another war.

Why are Israel and Iran on the verge of war?

Israel and the US want Iran to stop the development of nuclear weapons—this is what Israel and the US claim Iran is doing. Iran believes they have the right to pursue nuclear energy for its people and country. Iran claims it is not developing nuclear weapons
but is creating nuclear energy instead.

Israel is concerned that Iran can develop nuclear weapons that can threaten the only Jewish state in a Muslim-dominated Middle East. Iran officials have made comments of destroying Israel before and not considering Israel a sovereign state. The Israeli government is considering attacking the sites of where they consider nuclear enrichment is going on—this would be the start of the Israeli/Iran war.

Iran of course would not stand by and allow a state they don’t even consider to be a state to attack them. Sanctions have been placed on Iran but Israel doesn’t think sanctions are enough anymore. Israel feels sanctions have failed and they will not stand idly by until Iran has developed a nuclear weapon to defend itself as a sovereign country.

The Israeli military is planning and training for a war that is considered by many to be really close to becoming true and tension in the Middle East is considered very high.

Now, where does the US fit in the Israeli/Iran conflict?

The US is a very close ally of Israel, and with many Jewish people living in America, the US will involve itself on the side of Israel. The issue is also considered a “Middle Eastern Issue” and not just an “Israeli Issue.”

The US has pushed for a diplomatic solution to no avail. The US still has hopes that everything can be solved diplomatically but “The window for solving this (issue) diplomatically is shrinking,” president Obama states.

Recent meetings between president Obama and the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, have brought out stern warning from president Obama to Iran.

“I think the Israeli government recognizes that, as President of the United States, I don’t bluff.”

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Juan Navarro

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