A Cigar Ashtray With Style

When smoking a great cigar, an ashtray is needed to hold your cigar when you walk away for a little bit or to hold your ashes. Without an ashtray you will find yourself with ashes all over the place and in places you don’t want them to be.

There are many styles to choose from and there are three main things to look for when making your selection: the size of your cigars, how many cigars it hold, and your style.


One popular choice is a hi-gloss glaze ceramic ashtray. This ashtray is a modern classic with many different styles and colors to choose from. These come with four rest positions enabling you to position four cigars comfortably in the tray.

These types of ashtrays are arguably the most useful, yet most common type of ashtray. You wouldn’t get this type if you want to stand out from the crowd.


If you want a little more style, then a Fidor solid ebony wood ashtray is for you. With this ashtray, the ash bowl is a metal finish with a removable feature which makes it ideal for cleaning. The base is also lined with felt to securely hold your ashtray in place.

The Fidor is the type of ashtray that says, “I like to enjoy my cigars and I want you to know it.” Get one of these if you want to stand out from the crowd.


If it’s elegance you’re after, you should invest in a crystal cigar ashtray. These come in nice slim designs to thick and bold. The best part about crystal is that it’s colorless so it can match with any decor. The edges of this tray are
also beveled to help prevent chipping.

A crystal cigar tray is a luxury and I wouldn’t recommend one unless you can afford it. If you’re just a weekend smoker it might be a little too much for you and you should stick with something more practical.


If you want to get a manly looking ashtray for you and your friends, metal is the way to go. Made from heavyweight brushed satin metal, these ashtrays can also match any decor. These are available in different shapes and sizes and can hold two or four cigars. Many come with a deep tray and fat rests for larger cigars.

A metal ashtray is manly and dapper because there are no frills about it. You can drop it and not have to worry about it chipping or breaking. These types of trays are good if you smoke a lot with your buddies.

J. Navarro


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