The Dating Tab

Back in the day, and in some present cultures, it was expected for a man to pay for
everything when courting a woman. In 2012, however, times have changed.

Women are making more money than men in many relationships and in some cases can take care of themselves. Unless it is within your culture and upbringing, no man should be required to pay for every date, every meal, and every trip by himself. If the relationship does not work out, you’ll have a depleted bank account in addition to the loss of your woman.

The first date should be paid for by the man–there are no exceptions to this rule. However, by the second, third, or fourth date the woman should at least offer to contribute. Whether it be drinks, movies, or dinner–she should be pitching in a little. What gives her the right not to pay for something?

Some women often complain about wanting to be treated equally, but are quick to turn
old-fashioned when finances are involved. If you find yourself on the 3rd date and she still has not contributed–insist that she does. If you’re out at a bar, casually ask if she can get you guys a round of drinks. If you’re at the movies, ask her if she can get some refreshments. If she says she does not have any money in either scenario, you are
probably in store for a pricey relationship.

If you view this as a problem, you should cut your losses unless you are okay with paying for everything. If you establish early on that you like it when women contribute, you are setting the primer for your relationship. You cannot complain if she hasn’t contributed after a 6 month relationship if you never set the guidelines in the beginning.

No woman you date is worth going broke for. If she respects you she will comply with your standards of the dating process. There is a perception that dating and relationships should be all about the woman–but us guys are just as important.

As men, we have to set the standard.

Henry Redman


6 responses to “The Dating Tab

  1. @ True Love. Your are clearly a selfish woman. This goes back to what he said about women believing a relationship is all about a woman, its not. The fact that you are refusing to pay and want a man spend hundreds of dollars on you without you contributing maked you look like a gold digger. F*** That.

  2. This article is nonsense. I am not paying on a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th date sorry. If I am asked then I know what type of “boy” you are and you will not have to worry about going broke because we will not be dating anymore. I believe once the relationship hits exclusive then we can share some things. But the first few dates I think the guy should pay…Its call about courting until both individuals have a mutual understanding that they want to move forward in the relationship.

  3. Ive dated a woman and she broke me with all the plays and diners just for us to break up. Never again. Your article makes sense. Who cares what a woman thinks about this matter (woman in commenr section) because women will always come out on top. Theyll just find another man to spend money on them

  4. Although you have a valid point (“No woman [you date] is worth going broke for”), however I think your tactics are tact-less. I’m not gonna say what a man should or shouldn’t do, however I will agree that dating can be expensive and the cost (at some point) should be shared. If HE asks, he should foot the bill and if SHE ask, she should expect to pay… and HE should offer. The best way to find out what type of girl you’re dealing with is to “forget” your wallet on the 3rd or so date. Gage her reaction and you can tell your financial future in that partnership.
    -the mind of a woman

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