Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Everyone you know will use your bathroom. Friends, family, co-workers, and others will judge you depending on how clean your bathroom is. Do you feel like your bathroom is up to par?

Having a dapper bathroom is a must–especially for the times you invite the ladies over. Don’t allow yourself to be embarrassed by having a dirty bathroom. Your bathroom should always be kept up with. If you feel like you need a little advice on how to keep a dapper bathroom, let me teach you the basics.

Here is a list of the most important aspects of maintaining a dapper bathroom:


The mirror is the most used item in your bathroom. Why? Because everyone looks in it! I don’t care how beautiful or ugly your guests think they are, people will
always look in your mirror to check out their appearance. Your job is to keep that mirror clean!

Once a week, clean it off and make sure your mirror is crystal-clear. Wipe away any water stains or accumulated grime. A simple bottle of Windex will do the trick. Just apply some on your mirror and wipe them down.


Do not allow yourself to have a filthy sink. A lot of things can make your sink dirty: soap, toothpaste, and mouthwash will all leave disgusting stains. If you see that your sink is becoming dirty, grab some solution and clean it.

Every time you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth, take a scrub and wash your sink to prevent the residue from showing later.


Most men do not use the tub, we tend to use the shower. However, if you do use the tub, clean it. Nobody wants to see that dirty ring around your tub.


Hopefully you use this every day. Always keep a clean shower. Don’t invite a lady to come over and have a nasty shower–make it look dapper.

Make sure you scrub and clean your shower at least once a week. Do not allow it to get the grimy brown and green look to it. Buy the proper cleaning solutions to help maintain your shower. Do not have a shower that people will be afraid to get into.

An item that will make your shower look dapper is a shower caddy. If you don’t have one already, purchase one. A shower caddy holds all your shower items and makes your bathroom look cleaner. It’s the perfect solution to hold your shampoo, face wash, wash cloth, and anything else you need.

Medicine Cabinet/Drawers

Keep these organized and clean. Your guests will go through your cabinet and drawers and you don’t want them to see a mess. If you have any empty containers or anything that you’re not using, throw them out.

Also, these are not junk drawers for stuff you don’t know where to store. Get organized.


Sweep and mop your floor once a week. If you see a stain on your floor, take care of it right away.

It’s also a good idea to have a rug or a mat to keep your floor dry and your feet warm.

Remember, having a dapper bathroom is a must. Keep up with it and have it presentable–not only for when people come over, but for yourself.

Dapper Tips: Allow your bathroom to have good air circulation to prevent mildew and bad smells. Always have an air freshener in your bathroom to keep it smelling fresh. Having a funky smelling bathroom is not dapper. Also, keep a hamper and trash can in your bathroom so soiled clothes and trash can be placed in their proper place.

Nathan Allen


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