Do You Have Any Tips For Hiking With My Dog?

Your dog will look to you to make sure you look out for them. Sometimes, good times can turn bad when we overlook potential problems. Lets look at some potential situations that can occur during a hike.

Water is important for both you and your dog–especially on a hot day. On a hot day, dogs need plenty of water or they will overheat. Many dogs will continue on a hike even though
they are exhausted and overheated. They will do this until their bodies shut down because dogs always want to please their master and would die for you. Don’t walk or hike your dog on a very hot day.

If you’re not hiking next to a river where you can dip your dog to cool off, take water bottles you can pour on their bodies to cool them down. Remember, dogs don’t sweat like humans do to regulate their body temperature–they pant. The only way to cool them down is by refreshing their bodies. Water is key.

Know where you are hiking and factor in the animal-dangers to your dog. Wildlife is all around you when hiking so be respectful.

In the wild you will find venomous snakes, raccoons, cougars, bears, and reindeer. A great way to prevent an issue with wildlife is by keeping your dog on a leash if he is not well-trained to commands.

Dogs sometimes get in trouble when their nose gets a smell of something good. Behind bushes you can find snakes ready to strike. Some dogs love to chase after small animals, like squirrels and birds. If you don’t pay attention to your dog, before you know it, he will be far off. If you have a trained dog that will listen to commands over natural reactions you can give a little leeway. But in most cases it’s best to keep you dog leashed.

Be considerate. You are not the only people on a hike. There are others so have a poop-bag to pick up the excrement–especially when walking or hiking where it’s heavily populated with other hikers. You wouldn’t like stepping into someone else’s dogs poo so why would anyone like stepping into your dog’s?

One big issue when coming home is the nasty tick. They suck the blood from your dog and they carry nasty stuff like lyme disease. It would be best to take them out as soon as you get home.

Before even entering your home or car, check your dog for ticks. Go over the dog’s skin and feel for bumps that shouldn’t be there. Inspect the bump and check for a bug that has it’s head in the skin with its body hanging out.

Most ticks are found where the dog’s body comes in contact to the ground (chest, underbelly, legs, feet, tail, neck, and face).

An easy way to remove a tick is by pouring rubbing alcohol over the tick. Make sure to soak the area first in order to loosen the tick. With strong tweezers, gently pull the tick from the neck-area, not the body. You don’t want to leave the head inside your dog’s body. If you pull the body, the body will break off from the neck and the head can still carry the Lyme disease. The alcohol will loosen the tick’s grip and make it easier for you to pull tick off.

Once taken off, drop the tick in a closed container with rubbing alcohol. That will definitely kill the tick. Ticks lay many eggs that your dog can carry to your home where they will sprout. So as soon as you get home, wash your dog with anti-flea and tick shampoo.

Enjoy your time with your dog, just know things can happen and prepare for them. When you’re prepared, everything is fun.

J. Navarro


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