What Are Some Dapper Items For My Home?

Being men, we do not have the reputation of being neat and tidy. Let me show you some items that every man should have in his home to make it look that much more dapper. When people come over to your house they will be able to tell that you have a sense of pride in your home.

Kleenex Hand Towels

Do you hate it when people come into your house and use your restroom only to use your best towels to dry their hands? I do. We can easily solve this problem by purchasing the Kleenex Hand Towels.

Place these hand towels in your restroom in a place where guests can see them and know to use these instead of your personal towels. Simple and easy. When they are done they can throw the hand towel away and your good towels stay clean.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Do you also not like how people use the restroom and touch the so-called “germ killer”, your soap dispenser? You can easily fix that by getting your restroom an automatic soap dispenser.

No longer do guests have to touch your soap dispenser—they just have to put their hands under the dispenser and soap will automatically fall into their palms. This will also help prevent the spread of germs.

Table Coasters

Buy some dapper table coasters for your furniture. When guests come over and have a drink, pull out your table coasters to protect your furniture from sweaty cups and bottles. This is a dapper must-have.

DVD Stand

Do not allow yourself to have an unorganized DVD collection. Invest in a DVD stand to store your DVD’s. Don’t be sloppy.

Key Holder

Never lose your keys again. Purchase and place a key holder right by your front door so when you enter your home you can place your keys with your key holder. Never have to search or run late because you cannot find your keys—this is why you have a key holder now.

Remote Tray

Don’t you hate losing the remotes for your TV and stereo? Well, they have holders for this problem. Never lose your remote again in the crack of your couch or under your bed. Simply place your remotes in your remote tray when you are not using it.

Coat Rack

Having a coat rack is real dapper. Place your hats and coats on a coat rack instead a throwing them around all over the place.

Simply enter your home, take off your coat and hat, and hang them on your coat rack. There is no need to wrestle with a hanger to hang a coat that you will put on again in the near future. Just throw it on or take it off and be on your way.

Change Tray

Hate having loose change lying around all over the place? Buy yourself a change tray to hold all your loose change from your pockets, washer machine, or any other place you normally lose change.

TV Trays

Would you like to able to have your guests be able to sit in your den and watch TV without having them make a mess? TV trays will solve that problem. Having a few TV trays wouldn’t hurt.

Magazine Rack

Having a magazine rack shows that you are organized and tidy. They are some real dapper magazine racks out there so buy some! Whether you have one in the bathroom, your bedroom, or your living room—they will help keep your rooms looking dapper.

Nathan Allen


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