How Was 21 Jump Street?

This movie is hilariously satisfying and has nonstop comedy from the very beginning all the way to the end.

At first I did not know what to expect from 21 Jump Street, especially having slapstick comedy coming from actor Channing Tatum. But, much to my surprise, he actually delivers. I had no idea that Tatum had a funny side to him. His chemistry with well-known funny guy Jonah Hill was excellent.

In my opinion, and it might be obvious, Jonah Hill carries this story like he does with a lot of his films. His “silly kid next door” type of acting skills define who he is and allows people to relate to his character in everything he does—and nothing changes in this flick.

This movie was well worth the money I spent and I wouldn’t mind buying it on DVD. If you want an idea what type of movie this is, think along the lines of Superbad. This is a movie everyone can enjoy for a good laugh.

Recommendation: Watch it in theaters

Nathan Allen


2 responses to “How Was 21 Jump Street?

  1. OMG 🙂 told u boooo….movie rocked! The preview u posted still has me laughing! Can’t wait for sequel.

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