Man On A Ledge

It’s definitely not a horrible movie but I suggest you wait for it to come out on DVD. There is no need to spend $12 on a movie ticket when you can rent this. This is the kind of movie that is suitable for home-entertainment purposes only. There is no need to be running to the theater to see this one. This is the type of movie you can watch once and move on with your life. The action is mediocre at best, the acting is so-so, and the only sex-factor is looking at a Dapper Dame of the Year candidate Elizabeth Banks. There is also smoking-hot Genesis Rodriguez who will definitely be on the Dapper Dames list for 2013.

See this movie in theaters if your are extremely bored and looking for entertainment. If not, wait for DVD, instant streaming or even cable. Sam Worthington didn’t quite deliver the excitement that he did with Avatar or even Clash of the Titans.

Recommendation: DVD or Instant Streaming

Nathan Allen


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