We Are John Dapper

Being dapper is typically considered of a man. The definition of Dapper describes a man who is neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing—he is also smart, spruce, and natty. The term “dapper” is a compliment to any man.

Men are not beautiful, nice, or pretty—we are dapper. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mechanic, doctor, police officer, web designer, lawyer, editor, politician, actor, gardener, martial artist, chef, etc…all men are Dapper.

We work to live, not live to work. We watch sports, love women, drive fast cars, enjoy our gadgets, do home repairs, devour food, play with our dogs, we are fit and unfit, we like a drink here and there, we have style…we are men. We are John Dapper men.

John Dapper is the everyday average man, not the man you see on runways wearing outfits only a  woman would wear. Just because we are men doesn’t mean we are slobs. No. We may have evolved from cavemen and are animalistic in nature, but we are still dapper.

John Dapper was created by three average men for average men because there is nothing out there for the regular guy. We here at John Dapper wanted to bring everything manly together in one place. John Dapper is a part of every man because we value your ideas and opinions—from young bucks to old-timers. We will strive to bring you all things dapper in the form of articles, pictures, videos, q&a, news, ideas, sports, women, and much more. We promise to provide you with the content that you want and need.

We welcome all men to be dapper in their everyday life, whether at work or at play. Being dapper does not require anyone to be poor or rich, young or old, small or tall. Being Dapper is being yourself.

Be dapper.

Be John Dapper.

John Navarro, Nathan Allen, Ivan Barajas


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