Two New Dapper Shows

A lot of us men tend to have short attention-spans and get distracted very easily. We need shows with a lot of raunchy humor, gratuitous sex, and of course: action.

Well, let me recommend to you these 2 new dapper shows that are sure to satisfy your cravings.


This show is hosted by Rob Dyrdek from MTV programs’ Rob and Big and Fantasy Factory. This show brings you all the ridiculous YouTube videos you could want. Insane videos of people recording themselves and others doing ridiculously stupid things—hence the name.

From time to time, Rob will have special guests on his show like Big Black, Johnny Drama, Ryan Dunn, Johnny Knoxville, and The Dingo—all who offer up their commentary as they keep you hooked to the screen.

This show will make you cringe, laugh out loud, or leave you flat-out confused.  What makes the show a hit is that you will never catch a boring episode or find a rerun that you wouldn’t mind watching over and over again.


Incredible show! This show teaches men on the do’s and dont’s of being a man. This show is extremely funny and very resourceful at the same time.

This show will teach men everything they need to do to appear and act manly. Every show has different guests, either male or female, discussing different topics. Everything is you could want to know is covered like: drinks, women, behavior, sex, appearance, and the list goes on and on.

Definitely a dapper show to watch in your pursuit of achieving the ultimate macho man swagger.

Nathan Allen


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