How Do I Get A Woman’s Number?

Depending on the setting, there are different approaches you can take. However, not all ways are effective at times. In this article I will give a few tips on how to approach a woman and successfully get her number within a club or bar setting. If you have your own way, that’s fine. But these are my tips which usually work for me.

First off, be aware of your surroundings. Make sure she is not there with her man. Also, if she is in a big group of four or more girls and none of her friends are talking with other men, you might be setting yourself up for failure to begin with—unless you have enough friends to match hers. If this is not the case, and she is only with one or two other girls, you have a better chance.

When you approach her, have in your mind that you are going to get this woman and exuberate the confidence when you approach her. Woman can sense confidence as soon as you walk up to them and if you’re lacking confidence, you have already failed.

Once you approach her confidently, just say hello. Do not start off with, “can I buy you a drink?” She will take your drink you bought her and continue to socialize without you.

After you have said hello, give her a compliment. Women dress up to be seen and complimented. Critiquing on something she has on shows you have an appreciation of the two hours she spent getting ready (even if you really don’t care).

Next, introduce yourself, then ask her name and if she is having a good time. If you are in the mood and you have some rhythm, ask her to dance. If not, continue with simple conversation.

Be articulate and do not use slang. Try not to ask too many questions—but ask the right simple questions. For
example: where she is from, who she is there with, what is the occasion of her outing and does she come to that
particular place often?

After that, simply ask her if she is single. If she says yes, compliment her on her personality by telling her she seems really down to earth or a nice person to get to know and if it would it be alright for you to call her sometime.

If she says she’s not single, but you feel you have a connection, you can either tell her to have a good night and move on, or ask if she is allowed to have friends and have a friendly conversation every now and then.

If you are successful in getting her number, tell her you will be in touch and move on. Do not buy her a drink, for it is pointless at that time. This process should be done in less than 10 minutes. Move on smoothly and quickly because the less you say, the more intriguing you are to her and you don’t seem clingy. Give her space to socialize—unless you think you can make additional plans with her that night. You should also talk to other women just in case it does not work with her.

If you follow these tips you should be able to get the woman, or women, of your night’s numbers…the rest is up to you.

Henry Redman


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