How Do You Find Time For Peace Of Mind?

Every day is the same and every day drags on. Many of us lose our mind in school, work, and our family, without thinking of the consequence it has on our minds. Soon, stress begins to settle, sleep begins to fail, depression takes hold and our life is the same mundane routine. You wake up and think, “what kind of life is this?”

We all get caught up in the world of phones, computers, TV, and expenses. The worries of our everyday life takes it’s toll on our body and mind. As a man, what can we do? If there were only things we could do to find that peace of mind! Oh, but there are things to do and places to see. We just don’t see them around us because sometimes it’s hard to look past our electronics.

There is a world outside the bubble we call life and we don’t have to leave the country to see the wonders out there. The fountain of sanity is in our own minds—we just need to wake it back up.

Remember back to when you were a child and made games of whatever you had. Your imagination taking you places no one else but you would ever go to. Those wonder years where you didn’t have a care in the world. The times we all wish we could go back too. Wait, why can’t we?

We are older and our world is smaller, or is it? We tend to say that a lot: “What a small world.” In reality, the world is bigger than the small world we live in. Step out of the city and find out. Look and listen to the diversity we have in the US alone. Step off the paved path and and into the brush to find out. Find your peace of mind easilyy and without much money. Take vacations from work, finals, bills, electronics and the small world. Explore the big world by yourself or with your dog, family, friends, or significant other. Ask them to take that trip with you—the trip back to sanity.

No Electronics:

For one day, live without the distraction of cellphones,home phones, TV’s, iPads, computers, etc. Turn everything off. Place small portable electronics in your closet and forget out it. Make sure you let your family know what you are doing so they won’t freak out.

Find peace in the quite of the day. If you have children, ask family members to take care of them for the day so you and your wife can have that much needed “alone time” without a care. Go back in time to when it was just the two of you. Trust me when I tell you that you will feel like you are a million miles away from everyone.

This has worked for me since my college years after stressful finals until now that I’m married. Fix the broken iPod stuck on the same song that is your everyday life. Change it to an even more relaxed beat—even if it is just for a day.

Escape The City:

With all the noise of the city, why not escape it? You need to see how different things are outside. Again, you don’t have to break the bank to have a great time. You don’t have to pay the big air fares to escape to a place only to come back broke.

Try some place different that you haven’t already been to. Try a different flavor. I can remember many times grabbing my tent, cooler, some clothes, my dog, a few bucks, and driving my little gray truck up the California coast and staying in hotels and camp spots. Almost every summer I took that trip—sometimes alone, other times with friends. Always to different locations and meeting new people.

With all the beautiful wonders we have in the US, why not take advantage? As we age, we have more responsibilities like work and family, but we still need an escape that is great for everyone. How about a camping escape, or an escape to a small city you have always wanted to see? Now, not only will you see it, but you will see it with those you love.

Explore those towns that look like the 1960’s. Bring back the child that loved to explore the backyard. Make sure you plan but leave room for the unexpected moments that will turn out to be precious memories. Remember to leave the path a little to find the wonders outside of civilization.

Give A Little:

We are all struggling in this economy—some of us more than others. This is where we can help by simply cleaning out our closet.

Feel the joy of actually helping someone with whatever you have—whether it’s time or the things you don’t use anymore. It doesn’t always have to be money to make a difference, not to mention feel good about yourself.

We all have clothes we haven’t worn in a long time and probably would never wear again. Donate the extra stuff you may have in your closet, garage, storage, attic, etc. Its also tax deductible but the main thing is doing the right thing.

How about your time? Donate time to help out a friend or family member. Doing something for someone else is great, especially when you are not expecting anything in return. Maybe a neighbor needs help? I had an old lady as a neighbor and took her trash out every collection day. I had to take my trash out too so why not help someone else with theirs for free?

Doing nice things for others will make you feel great about yourself. You will have a great sense of accomplishment. Try it and see what happens.

Finding your peace of mind will improve everything in your life because stress has a big effect on your mind and body. We can always tell when someone is really stressed because of their body signs. The opposite can also be said for people that look relaxed and stress-free.

Be it work, school, family, or just life, peace of mind should be something on everyone’s must-have list. With so many ways to find relaxation, there is really no excuse to why we don’t give our body and mind what it needs: PEACE.

J. Navarro 


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