How Do I Throw A Dapper Tailgate Party?

Believe it or not, there is actually etiquette involved in throwing a party in a parking lot before a football game.

Tailgate parties can be a fun event to experience and enjoy. Friends, family, alcohol, food, football, and of course women, all contribute to the atmosphere. It can take a lot of work and effort to host a fun and eventful tailgating party. Let us here at John Dapper teach you how to host a proper tailgating party that everyone will enjoy and make you look like the man.

The first step in planning a dapper tailgating party is finding a location. Here at John Dapper we are based out of Los Angeles, California so it would be best for us to plan a tailgating party where football takes place. Those places would be The Coliseum where the USC Trojans play, The Rose Bowl where The UCLA Bruins play, and Qualcomm Stadium where the San Diego chargers play.

Depending where you live, choose the closet NFL or NCAA division 1 school. It will not be dapper to have a tailgating party at a high school game so don’t try it. Once we have a location set, we are ready to move on to our next step.

The second step is inviting your friends and family. To enjoy a successful tailgating party, you need to have the proper people around you. My advice is to invite everyone. Invite co-workers, neighbors, friends of your family, your extended family, and whoever else you want to.

Tailgating is one gigantic party so do not hold out. It’s not like it’s at your house—it’s in a parking lot! You don’t want to have the lamest section in the parking lot, you want the best. The best ones are the ones with the most people so invite at least 30 people or more to be safe.Remember, not everyone will show up.

The third step, and probably the most important and hardest step, is deciding what to bring. Remember, this is a tailgating party. This can potentially be an all-day and all-night event, so it is essential to be prepared.

Just preparing for a tailgating party can be a long and tedious process, so be ready. It is best to start purchasing the needed supplies weeks before the actually party. There is an unlimited amount of items that are needed to bring to a tailgating party, but I will just cover the most simple and basic needs: food, alcohol, and ice. Done.

The next step is getting there as early as possible in order to get prime real estate parking. I advise you get there between 5-6am. The reason you would want to get there very early is to beat out other tailgating parties. Tailgating is a huge pastime and a lot of people know how do it right. Learn how to do it right.

The other reason you need to show up early is to have plenty of time to set up. Setting up for a tailgating party takes time, plenty of time. Call up a few buddies to help you with this task.

The fifth step is holding and protecting your territory until your guests begin to show up. Holding ground at a stadium parking lot is like an offensive line and defensive line battling for position. YOU ARE THE OFFENSIVE LINE AND YOUR TERRITORY IS YOUR QUARTERBACK! PROTECT IT. Do not give an inch! Hold that ground until your back up
arrives! YOU CAN DO IT! (Rob Schneider voice in The Waterboy)

The sixth step is getting people at your tailgate party to have fun and get involved. Provide plenty of food and drinks. Bring a stereo so music can be played. Play beer pong. Do whatever you must to provide enough entertainment for your guests. Once your guests are taken care of, enjoy your day.

Once you throw a dapper tailgate party you will look like the man. All the ladies will think you are truly dapper at organizing fun events like this. Women love a man who knows how to handle business and have fun at the same time.

If you are single and see any ladies you are interested in, this is the best place to take advantage. Find one lady that attracts your eye and approach them. Ask them if they are having fun or if there is anything they need. The perfect way to get their number is to ask them if they would like to join you next time you have a function like this one. Trust me, they will not say no! They learned a lot about you in one day. You showed off your organizational skills, your fun side, you broke the ice and held a decent conversation with her.

Being the host is a great advantage. You have to speak to everyone and everyone has to speak to you. At a tailgate party you can seriously rack up some phone numbers with a lot of ease. Have fun. Enjoy the day with friends, family and football.


  • Plenty of food. Hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, carne, chicken, chips, dip, sweets & veggies.
  • Water, beer, hard liquor, and soda.
  • Plates, utensils, napkins, cups, and toilet paper.
  • Grill, coolers, chairs, cooking tools, tables, and blender (for the ladies).
  • Bring a couple vehicles. Preferably trucks. Park them all next to each other.
  • BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayo, guacamole, onions, cheese, etc.
  • Cards, dominoes, beer pong cups and balls, water guns.
  • Charcoal, ice, gloves, matches, lighters.
  • Blankets, footballs, radios, speakers, cigars.
  • Clothes, extra clothes suitable for the weather because it could be hot or cold.


Sports Den

This is an inflatable den that provides four chairs and eight cup holders. This also provides a shade to cover you and your buddies, rain or shine. Inflates in just five minutes! $500

Captain’s Chair

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Drink n’ Plate

A plate and cup holder combined in one! Packs of 6-24 range from $25-$60.

Beer Pong Table Set

You need a beer pong table! Visit to buy legit accessories for beer pong. Look dapper with official beer pong tools and supplies. $100 or more

Beer Guzzler Helmet

Yes, they may look like a silly device, but at a tailgate party this is just as acceptable as anything else. Keep your beer close to your
mouth with the Beer Guzzler Helmet. $5 and up

Many Pack

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Nathan Allen 


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