What’s A Simple Tip To Protect My Furniture?

Let me teach you something that can go a long way and protect your furniture. This little tip that you are about to receive will truly make yourself and your home look dapper. Still wondering what it is? Let me tell you.

Being dapper is a lifestyle—not just in appearance or clothing. Dapperness is in the home too. Have you ever noticed that when you are at home watching TV, drinking a cold one, your beer glass begins to sweat? After your drink begins to sweat, the moisture will begin to create a water circle around your drink on the table. Do not let that water settle into your furniture! It will create an ugly stain and will become impossible to get out.

There is a simple solution to this: coasters. What are coasters and why do you need one you may ask? Coasters are the little small items that protect your furniture from water rings, dents, and chips. Coasters come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. What a coaster is made to do is to protect your furniture from the water rings and stains.

When you have guests over to your home they don’t tend to think about your furniture. It never crosses their mind that you’ve worked very hard to acquire your furniture and that you want to keep your furniture looking brand new and dapper. Friends may place their drinks on your expensive furniture and not mind if their drinks drip all over the place.

Also, you may have a few people over and they’re constantly slamming their drinks on your furniture and they may dent and chip at your furniture. Before you know it you may have several stains, dents, and chips in your furniture. This is not dapper.

Invest in some dapper coasters. Coasters can say a lot about you and they can also work wonders for you. Coasters automatically show people that you respect your furniture and that you are trying to preserve it. Having coasters on your table tells your guests: “Hey, don’t be rude, use my table coasters,” without you having to say it. If your guests still do not get the message, you may tell them: “Hey man, can you use one of my coasters so your drink won’t mess up my table?” After they do so, thank them to eliminate any awkwardness. Even though it is not awkward to you, because you are trying to protect your furniture.

Coasters come in many different shapes and sizes so find the ones that fit your home best. When you invite ladies to your home they tend to pay attention to the little things like these. Women always key into the little things, always. You wouldn’t think that a coaster could help you get a girl, but it can. Trust me! When a girl looks at the littlest thing, like a coaster, they read all the numbers and signs on the wall—just like The Matrix. Remember when Neo? Women see things the same way. By them seeing a coaster they think “OMG, he has coasters, he is responsible and cares about the stuff in his home…” That might not be their exact words, but very close to it. The point is that they see some responsibility in you and it makes you look dapper. That’s the main goal right?

Nathan Allen 


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